iScenery producing various Flight Simulator addon sceneries for Indonesia. We create high quality Microsoft Flight Simulator Sceneries and tools to support the Indonesian region flightsimmers fly. First scenery launched in February 2004 with website. Our products are directly downloaded to your PC in minutes and you cans enjoy more realism to your flight simulator experience almost instantly.

All the airports that we produce will not make your computer slow because we manipulate your visibility in the cockpit when you are busy with your aircraft, and certainly will not reduce your enjoyment of the world's flight simulator.

We try to make the airport in Indonesia close to reality because it is supported by a team of highly skilled in the art and we always try to make it happen as quickly as possible despite the fact it is consuming time, energy and resources is not small.

Currently we only make FSX version and discontinued FS2004 versions and it may be required a fast machine but we still tried to keep all of our products you can enjoy as good as possible. Our sceneries will try to use the animation that will not reduce your performance and active docking if possible.

enjoy our products as we enjoyed in making it.


Best Regards,

Budi Santoso


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